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NCTSN Grants- 
CMHS National Child Traumatic Stress Grant  #SM-57131


WF’s ITS-Girls (Integrated Treatment Services-Girls) program is
designed for the adolescent female population as an adjunct to the
substance abuse treatment services.  Mental health and trauma
treatment services are included, as well as psychiatric consultation.
The evidence based practice Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy intervention (TF-CBT) has been integrated into the program.

Data collection began in July 2006 using the NCTSN Core Data Set
Instruments (CDS).  All clients entering the ITS-GIRLS program
complete a baseline CDS and a minimum of one follow up and discharge follow up session.  Clients aged 12-18 with parental involvement will be invited into the Cross-Site Evaluation study looking at satisfaction with treatment.  These participants are consented and complete a follow up CDS every 3 months for one full year.  Collaboration is a key to NCTSN involvement with our site working on 3 committees/groups:  Adolescent Consortium, Rural Consortium, and Adolescent Trauma and Substance Abuse committee.  As part of our collaborative efforts, WF created a Parent Fact sheet to provide information to adolescents and their families.  Work is also occurring to provide training to other NCTSN sites around Substance Abuse. 

SAMHSA Grants- 
CSAT Adolescent Residential Treatment Grant #TI-14271


A full continuum of services, from residential through outpatient to
aftercare, provides adolescent female clients with long-term connections to caring staff and the healing principles of feminine-based recovery. 

Girls who are pregnant or who have children are able to access
treatment services along with prenatal care, parent training, and the
Child Development Center. Eight residential beds were funded by this
grant. Data collection using the Global Appraisal of Individual Needs
assessment began in February 2003 and was completed September
2005. Participants ranged in age from 12 to 18 with each completing a
baseline, 3, 6, 9, and 12 month follow up sessions. 

NIH Grants- 
NIH Addressing Tobacco Through Organizational Change 

2006– 2008

The Research Department conducted a study, “Addressing Tobacco
Through Organizational Change” in conjunction with the University of
California at San Francisco. This NIH funded grant was an organizational change project focused on tobacco cessation for WF staff and clients. A Tobacco Leadership Committee has been formed at WF that changed policies and procedures as well as to involve all staff in making lasting changes at Willamette Family.

The goal was to become a smoke free agency by February 1, 2007.  Staff and clients were offered Nicotine Replacement Therapy as well as group therapy and support groups to work on quitting smoking.  The Research Department has developed a tracking system to monitor NRT disbursement.  Although UCSf is overseeing the data collection, the WF Research Department will assist with recruitment and incentive reimbursement. 



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