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This regular feature highlights the progress being made in treating the twin cycles of addiction and child abuse.

In this edition, Willamette Family proudly launches a new feature highlighting the progress being made in treating the twin cycles of addiction and child abuse.

In Lane County, one child out of every 11 children is the victim of child abuse/neglect and substance abuse is a factor in 60-80% of these families. Clearly, both of these destructive cycles must be treated together if children are to be safe and families are to be strengthened. With over 1,100 children in foster care in our community, the need for treatment is urgent!

Willamette Family is the only program in the State that has an onsite Child Development Center and allows children from birth through 6 to live with their mother while she receives intensive residential treatment for substance abuse. In many cases, this prevents the need for foster care and allows moms to remain a vital part of their children's daily lives. She is taught parenting skills and that crucial bond between mom and child is nurtured and strengthened.

In just the last month...

· Many women are on waiting lists for residential treatment because the demand is so high. Prenatal alcohol and drug use may cause premature births. At Willamette Family, we've had babies on heart monitors who require special medical care. Our trained staff and onsite public health nurse teach moms how to care for these fragile babies while providing medical oversight and services for the children. With treatment, these babies and their moms can grow healthy together and their families can remain intact!

· In addition to the two sets of twins, Willamette Family welcomed four newborns whose moms were clean and sober and in treatment at the time they were born. None of these children were placed into foster care. Their moms continue in treatment and are participating in parenting classes. Staff are available 24/7 to provide mentoring, 1:1 intervention, and support as mom develops her skills.

· Three children were reunited with their moms from foster care. Because of this program, they are working toward a clean and healthy future as a family.

The Willamette Family Child Development Center and Women's Treatment programs continue to grow because of the support received from our community. The need is great, but treatment works!

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