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Willamette Family’s Mental Health Services are designed to empower individuals to create safe and healthy lives for themselves and their families. Our holistic services include mental health and family therapy, trauma informed services, groups and individual counseling. Mental health treatment services can be integrated into substance use treatment services seamlessly when needed. We also provide a variety of “wrap around” services to support the involvement of the whole family when desired. Our therapists are dedicated to co-creating a safe and supportive environment for health and well being.

What mental health services does Willamette Family provide?
Willamette Family views substance abuse and addiction in relation to emotional issues and life experiences. Many people have experienced challenging, often traumatic, events and situations in their lives that have led to stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, and other painful emotions, as well as difficulty coping. Our program uses an integrated, holistic, strength-based approach to support healing and growth, including education and intervention for teens and families. Therapists are highly trained and experienced in addressing the needs of men, women and girls and providing trauma-sensitive services.

What are some features of the program?

For parents: How do I know if my child needs mental health services?
Your child may need mental health services if they have been experiencing any of the following: increased anger, depression or mood swings; trouble concentrating; increased conflicts; delinquent behavior, or a decline in school performance.   If you notice that your child is withdrawing, acting out, or experiencing a lot of fear, it may be time to seek some help.

Co-occuring Treatment

The existence of co-occurring mental health disorders within the addicted population has been well documented. Current estimates suggest that 50-75 percent of persons presenting to substance abuse treatment facilities suffer from co-occurring mental health disorders (SAMHSA, 2005). People struggling with substance abuse and mental illness have unique problems that need to be addressed simultaneously.

Willamette Family’s enhanced staff team approach delivers integrated treatment coordinating substance abuse and mental health interventions to treat individuals with co-occurring disorders holistically and more effectively. Mental health therapists are co-located with substance abuse therapists to provide a fully integrated system of care. Services are licensed by the state of Oregon and LaneCare.


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