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Serving Children and Families

Willamette Family provides a continuum of Family Services designed to meet the needs of individuals and families. We recognize that the needs of their children must be incorporated into a successful treatment and recovery plan for their parents. Fewer than 9% of addiction treatment programs nationally incorporate the co-residency, parenting, and wraparound services that are available through Willamette Family. Our “Families in Recovery” was a National Demonstration Model in 1994, and was a crucial first step toward integrating the multiple needs of families touched by the disease of addiction. As the needs of our community have increased, Willamette Family has continued to proactively respond to evolving issues.

Today, Willamette Family provides family services that are individualized and meet the level of intensity required by family circumstances, including those who are also involved with child welfare and the corrections systems. Family Advocates meet with parents as they enter treatment to identify any needs they may have and to develop a plan that will help them successfully achieve their goals .

For most families who are not mandated for services by child welfare or corrections, the following service array is available:

The Family Reunion Program

When families are involved with the legal systems of child welfare and/or corrections, they may be directed to engage in mandatory services. Willamette Family can play a key role in removing barriers to accessing these services and in helping parents meet their requirements. For children in the child welfare system, these services may safely prevent the need for foster care altogether, or help return them from foster care to their parents.  These services are provided by the Family Reunion Program, and include:

Over 80% of the children who have received Family Reunion Services remain with their parents at closure. No child has been re-abused, and parental recovery rates are significantly improved. In foster care costs alone, over $1.2M has been saved since the inception of this program (January 2007).  It is cost effective, children are safe, and families are strengthened.

Moving Back to the Community

The Family Safe House is a transitional “step down” program for women and their children under 2. Up to five families at a time may reside in a lovely home situated in the community where they participate in individualized service plan to help them make a successful transition back to the community. All are successfully engaged in Willamette Family outpatient treatment and have their children living with them.

You Can Help!

Funding for these programs relies heavily upon private foundations and individual contributions, including those from the Oregon Community Foundation, the Chambers Family Foundation, Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation, the Eugene-Springfield-Cottage Grove Great Rotary Duck Race, Union Pacific Railroad, Lane County Health and Human Services, and Oregon Department of Human Services-Child Welfare.

For more information to add your support, please contact

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Director of Children and Family Services
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