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NOVEMBER 2009:  Willamette Family is selected as a community-based Early Head Start classroom location, with services starting in FEBRUARY 2010.

Willamette Family is proud to be an Early Head Start site and to partner with Head Start of Lane County. Located at the Women and Children’s Cheshire Street Center, Early Head Start is part of our expanding array of family centered services. The Early Head Start classroom is an important and significant addition to our onsite State licensed Child Development Center. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in bringing proven, evidence-based practices to children whose parents are struggling with many life challenges.

As noted by Cheri Peterson from Head Start of Lane County:

“Early Head Start offers four child care slots at Willamette Family Center for eligible infants and toddlers. Willamette Family and Early Head Start recognize the parent-child bond as the child's most significant relationship. We work together to promote strong, positive relationships between the child, parent and staff. While enrolled in Early Head Start, children receive individual screenings and on-going assessment that include development, medical, dental, hearing and nutrition. Families also receive family service support through home visits and the development of family goals.”

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