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Initial withdrawal symptoms can be physically distressing, painful and even dangerous. Without appropriate care, they can even be life threatening. Willamette Family provides detoxification services in a safe, supportive environment for clients during withdrawal from alcohol and/or other drugs. Professional medical and clinical staff provide continuous monitoring 24-hours a day.

Willamette Family’s medical staff completes a detailed medical history and health examination for each client, and prescribes any necessary detoxification medications.
The length of stay depends on the type of drug usage, the severity of the particular case, and the continuing care plan at discharge. Generally, clients being stabilized with detoxification Services remain for 3-7 days while under close medical supervision.

Detoxification from drugs and alcohol and client stabilization is the first step toward recovery from chemical dependency. During this stay, WF makes every effort to engage the client in longer-term treatment to support ongoing abstinence.  The fundamental goal of Willamette Family programs is for clients to achieve long-term recovery and healing from the damages of addiction.

Detoxification Services

Our detoxification unit provides medically monitored detoxification from alcohol and drugs. Medical needs are assessed and  provided by the medical staff. All clients are provided sleeping accommodations and well-balanced meals during their stay. Staff are available for counseling and support 24- hours a day. Initial education regarding addiction and recovery is begun. All clients are provided referrals for services that will assist them in their process of recovery.


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