If there is one thing I truly enjoy most–besides focusing the lens of my 5D Canon on anything that interests me and occasionally going out to see movie show–I would say my passion for artistic creativity always tops my priority list. This unfortunately, began way back in the early years of my young life and it hasn’t left me, not even for a moment.

I always found comfort back then sitting by the window and drawing anything that came into
my mind for hours, to the point that I sometimes got scolded for wasting paper. Life back then was so simple and uncomplicated. All I needed was my pencil and some pieces of paper and I was in heaven. It was a childhood filled with hardship; but it was also stuffed with fun and happy memories and I learned so much from it.


As a "grown up", I carry everything that I learned with me from those hard times. My endless affinity for artistic expression leads me to explore the wonderful world of graphic design where I can happily pursue my creative explorations.